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Physics for Engineers and Scientists 3rd Edition

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  • Includes a Study Plan for each chapter that highlights the pedagogy built into your textbook and its associated media resources.
  • Offers free access to the 45 Online Concept Tutorials referenced from in-text icons. These use animation and interactive exercises to help develop your understanding of fundamental concepts.
  • Links to premium content in the online ebook and SmartWork

eBookPhysics for Engineers and Scientists, Third Edition, is also available in a Norton ebook format that retains the content of the print book. The ebook offers a variety of tools for study and review, including sticky notes, highlighters, zoomable images, links to the Online Concept Tutorials, and a search function.

SmartWorkThe ebook is available as a standalone item or packaged with SmartWork. The SmartWork / ebook package makes it easy for students to consult the text when completing their homework assignments.

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