World CivilizationsResource
Earliest Beginnings
-Chapter 1 Exercises
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Caves near Jericho

Mesopotamian Civilization
-Chapter 2 Exercises
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Primary SourceThe Code of Hammurabi.
Ancient Mesopotamia

Egyptian Civilization
-Chapter 3 Exercises
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The Book of the Dead
Royal Hymn of Akhenaton
The Sphinx at Gizeh.
Entrance, Temple of Horus at Edfu
Decorative Pillars, Temple at Edfu
Temple of Karnak, at Luxor
Pharoah Akhenaton
Ancient Egypt

The Hebrew and Early Greek Civilizations
-Chapter Four Exercises
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Hebrew Piety, Philosophy, and the Prophetic Revolution (Psalms, Proverbs, and Amos)
Hebrew Creation Story (Genesis)
Ruins at Mycenae
Theater at Epidaurus
Greek Kouros Figure
Scale Model of the Ancient City of Jerusalem
Scale Model, Detail
Wall at Temple Mount, Jerusalem
Shrine at Temple Mount.
Mycenaean and Minoan Civilizations

Ancient Indian Civilization
-Chapter 5 Exercises
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Hymns and Prayers from the Vedas
Creation in the Rig Veda
Parusha and the Primordial Sacrifice in the Rig Veda
Kedarnath Peak, Himalayas -Northern India
Stupa at Sanchi, c.1st C. A.D.
Rock Carvings, Mahabhalipuram
Ashoka's Empire

Ancient Chinese Civilization
-Chapter 6 Exercises
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Tao Te Ching
Great Wall of China, ~221 B.C. (disputed)
Entrance to the burial place of Confucius
T'ai Shan, sacred mountain in Shangtung province
Zhou Dynasty, China


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