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Chapters on Europe
The Hebrew and Early Greek Civilizations: Chapter 4
Greek Civilization: Chapter 7
The Hellenistic Civilization: Chapter 8
Roman Civilization: Chapter 9
Christianity and the Transformation of the Roman World: Chapter 10
Rome's Three Heirs: The Byzantine, Islamic and Early-Medieval Western Worlds: Chapter 12
The High Middle Ages: Economic, Social, and Political Institutions: Chapter 13
The High Middle Ages: Religious and Intellectual Developments: Chapter 14
The Later Middle Ages: Chapter 15
The Civilization of the Renaissance: Chapter 18
Europe Expands and Divides: Overseas Discoveries and Protestant Reformation: Chapter 19
A Century of Crisis for Early-Modern Europe: Chapter 20
The Economy and Society of Early Modern Europe : Chapter 22
The Age of Absolutism: Chapter 23
The Scientific Revolution and Enlightenment: Chapter 24
The French Revolution: Chapter 25
The Industrial Revolution: Chapter 26
Consequences of Industrialization: Urbanization and Class Consciousness: Chapter 27
The Rise of Liberalism: Chapter 28
Nationalism and Nation-Building: Chapter 29
International Industrialization and Imperialism: Chapter 30
The Middle Class Challenged: Chapter 31
A Delicate Equilibrium: Chapter 32
China, Japan, and Africa under the Impact of the West: Chapter 33
The First World War : Chapter 34
Turmoil Between the Wars : Chapter 35
The Second World War : Chapter 36
The Postwar Years: Rivalry and Recovery : Chapter 37
Fragmentation and Change: The End of Postwar Certainties in Europe : Chapter 38
The Middle East and Africa: Chapter 39
Independence in South Asia: Chapter 41
Epilogue: Problems of World Civilization: Chapter 43

European Multimedia

Primary Sources and Essays
Plutarch on the Spartan System Greece
Thucydides on Athenian Ideals (Funeral Oration of Pericles) Greece
Plato on the Ideal State (from the Republic)Greece
Edith Hamilton on Greek Tragedy Greece
Plutarch: The Last Days of Alexander greece
The Stoic Philosophy: As described by Diogenes Laertus Rome
Plutarch: A Roman of the Old School Rome
Marcus Aurelius: Late Roman Stoicism Rome
Hint: For Early Christianity, see Asia (Middle East)
The Rule of St. Benedictine General
Ceremonial Relationship Between Lord and Vassal General
Emancipation of a Serf General
The Magna Carta (Significant Provisions) England
Dictatus Gregory VII on the Pope's Prerogatives General
Letter to Gregory VII Henry IV responds to the Pope's Prerogatives Germany
De Monarchia Dante on Monarchial Government Italy
Imitation of Christ "Of the Inward Life" Germany
Imitation of Christ "Of Good Government" and "That a Man should not be Fretful in Matters of Business" Germany
Primary SourceThe Prince and other works by Machiavelli (excerpts) Italy
Primary SourceUtopia, Sir Thomas More (excerpts) England
Primary SourceLetter to a Carthusian Monk, Petrarch Italy
Primary SourceLetter to de Santangel from Columbus (Report on his first voyage.) Spain
Primary SourceTreatise on Good Works, Martin Luther Germany
Primary SourceOn Rebellion Against Rulers, Martin Luther Germany
Primary SourceDoctrine of Predestination, John Calvin (excerpts) France/Switzerland
Primary SourceOn Civil Government, John Calvin (excerpts) France/Switzerland
Primary SourceCouncil of Trent, Significant Decrees General
Primary SourceWorks, King James I (On Divine Right) England
Primary SourceReply of the House of Commons to King James I(1604) England
Primary SourceLeviathanThomas Hobbes (Justification of Absolutism) England
Primary Source Life in Sixteenth Century England, As Described by Erasmus (excerpt) England
Primary Source"On the Principle of Mercantilism", Adam Smith (excerpt from Wealth of Nations) England
Primary SourceSome Results of the Enclosure Movement in England, Sir Thomas More (excerpt) England
Primary SourcePiratical Exploits of Sir Francis Drake, (excerpt)
Primary SourceOf Civil Government, John Locke (excerpt) England
Primary SourceEnglish Bill of Rights, (excerpt) England
Primary SourceEssay Concerning Human Understanding, Locke England
Primary SourcePersonification of the Enlightenment, Voltaire France
Primary SourceThe Encyclopedia, The Proper Study of Mankind France
Primary SourceThe Progress of the Human Mind, Condorcet France
Primary SourceThe Social Contract, Rousseau France
Primary SourceThe Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen France
Primary SourceThe Republican Institutions of Saint-Just (A French radical)
Primary SourceThe Imperial Catechism of Napoleon I France
Primary SourceThe Capture of Napoleon A British Commentary France
Primary SourceThe Life, Exile, and Conversations of the Emporer Napoleon de Las Cases France
Primary SourceThe Principles of Political Economy England
Primary SourceParliamentary Investigations into Child Labor England
Primary SourceA Defense of Free Enterprise William Graham Sumner English
Primary SourceThe Basis of Utopian Socialism Robert Owen England
Primary SourceOn the Principle of Population Thomas Malthus England
Primary SourceThe Labor Theory of Value David Ricardo England
Primary SourceStruggle for the First Reform Act in Great Britain McCarthy England
Primary SourceThe Aims of the Chartists England
Primary SourceOn Liberty John Stuart Mill England
Primary SourceLouis Napoleon Establishes the Second Empire France
Primary SourceBismarck Contrives a War with France Germany
Primary SourceProclamation of the German Empire, 1781 Germany
Primary SourceWhite Man's Burden Rudyard Kipling England
Primary SourceThe Communist Manifesto Marx and Engels Germany
Primary SourceAn Exposition of Darwinism by a Contemporary Naturalist Wallace England
Primary SourceCivilization and Its Discontents Sigmund Freud (Excerpt) Austria
Primary SourceSocial Statics Herbert Spencer on The Inevitability of Progress, (Excerpt) England
Primary SourceFive Years of My Life Captain Alfred Dreyfus (Excerpt) France
Primary SourceThe Entente Cordial, 1904 Britain and France respecting Egypt and Morocco
Primary SourceMansion House Speech on the 3rd Moroccan Crisis David Lloyd George (Excerpt) England
Primary SourceMemoirs of a Revolutionist Peter Kropotkin on the Death of Alexander II Russia
Primary SourceFranco-Russian Alliance of 1892 France/Russia
Primary SourceGermany's War Aims, September, 1914Bethmann Hollweg Germany
Primary SourceExtracts from the Treaty of Versailles General
Primary SourceThe Basic Philosophy of FacismBenito Mussolini Italy
Primary SourcePeace in our Time Neville Chamberlain England
Primary SourceRadio Address to the German People Neville Chamberlain England
Primary SourceRadio Address to the German People Neville Chamberlain England
Primary SourceUnited Nations Charter General
Primary SourceUniversal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) General

Photos and Illustrations
Ruins at Mycenae Greece
Theater at EpidaurusGreece
Greek Kouros Figure Greece
Amphitheater at Epidauros, 400 B.C. Greece
The Pillars of the Parthenon. Greece
The Roman Colosseum, 75 - 80 A.D. Roman Empire
Alexander in Battle
Notre Dame Cathedral. France
Anabaptists' Cages, c. 1535
Diagram of the slave ship Brooks
Cartesian Dualism. France
A Laboratory. France
Tsar Peter I, 1682-1725. Russia
A Chapel at Versailles France
St. Peter's Basilica in Rome. Italy
A Gentleman of the Third Estate and his Family France
Klemens von Metternich. Austria
Railway Navvies Britain
Thomas Brassey, Railroad Contractor Britain
Laundress and her children, mid 1800s England
Quaker Soup Kitchen Britain
Workhouse for the Able-bodied Poor Britain
Robert Pool Britain
Illustration from Goethe's Sorrows of Werther Germany
Johann von Herder Germany
Charles Darwin
Young Lenin, 1897
London Dock Strike, 1911
Tsar Nicholas II and his family,1917. Russia
Chancellor Hindenburg, Adolph Hitler in the background, 1928 Germany
German Armored Division Entering Poland September 1, 1939
Polish Jews Evicted from the Warsaw Ghetto, on the way to a concentration camp.
Queen Elizabeth II signs the Canada Act
Crick and Watson discover the Double Helix, England (Crick) and United States (Watson)

Maps and Charts
Mycenaean and Minoan Civilizations Greece
Greek Colonies,550 B.C. Greece
Roman Expansion Under the Republic. Rome
The Roman Empire. Rome
Barbarian Invasions of the 5th and 6th centuries.
A Diagram of a Manor, c. 1200. General
The German Empire, c. 1200.
Medieval Universities. General
Progress of the Black Death. General
Muslim and Mongol Empires, 1000-1500 Greece, Russia
States of Italy during the Renaissance, c.1494
Religious Situation in Europe, c.1560
Europe, c.1560
The Age of Absolutism in Europe
France under the Ancien Regime France
Unification of Germany, 1740-1871
Unification of Italy, 1850s - 1870s Italy
Europe after the Congress of Berlin, 1878. General
The Dismemberment of the Ottoman Empire. General
Imperialism in Africa on the Eve of World War I
Imperialism in Asia on the Eve of World War I
Europe before WWI General
The Soviet Union, 1918-1939
Europe before WWII


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