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Chapters on Asia
Mesopotamian Civilization: Chapter 2
Hebrew and Greek Civilization: Chapter 4
Ancient Indian Civilization: Chapter 5
Ancient Chinese Civilization: Chapter 6
The Hellenistic Civilization: Chapter 8
Roman Civilization: Chapter 9
Africa and Asia in Transition: Chapter 11
Rome's Three Heirs: The Byzantine, Islamic and Early-Medieval Western Worlds: Chapter 12
Centuries of Turmoil and Grandeur in Asia: Chapter 16
India, East Asia, and Africa during the Early-Modern Era: Chapter 21
International Industrialization and Imperialism: Chapter 30
A Delicate Equilibrium: Chapter 32
China, Japan, and Africa under the Impact of the West: Chapter 33
The First World War : Chapter 34
The Second World War : Chapter 36
The Postwar Years: Rivalry and Recovery : Chapter 37
Fragmentation and Change: The End of Postwar Certainties in Europe : Chapter 38
The Middle East and Africa: Chapter 39
Independence In South Asia: Chapter 40
Eruption in East Asia: Chapter 41
Epilogue: Problems of World Civilization: Chapter 43

Asian Multimedia

Primary Sources and Essays
Primary SourceThe Code of Hammurabi. Middle East
Hymns and Prayers from the Vedas India
Creation in the Rig Veda India
Tao Te Ching China
Sermon on the Mount (Early Christianity) Middle East
The Theology of Paul Middle East
The Political Theory of Paul Middle East
The Poetry of Li Po: Thoughts on a Tranquil Night and Under the Moon China
The Poetry of Po Chu-i: The Lute Girl China
The Koran: The Creator, or the Angels Middle East
The Koran: The Inevitable Middle East
The Arabian Nights (excerpt) Middle East
The Assemblies of Al-Hariri Middle East
Primary SourceAkbar, The Great Mogul (1542-1605) India
Primary SourceIndian Home Rule Gandhi India
Primary SourceAddress to the United Nations, 1948 Jawaharlal Nehru India
Primary SourceOn the Dictatorship of the People's Democracy Mao Zedong China
Primary SourceChinese Newspaper on Red Guard in Action China
Primary SourceUnited Nations Charter General
Primary SourceUniversal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) General

Photos and Illustrations
Caves near Jericho Middle East
Scale Model of the Ancient City of Jerusalem Middle East
Scale Model, Detail Middle East
Wall at Temple Mount, Jerusalem Middle East
Shrine at Temple Mount. Middle East
Kedarnath Peak, Himalayas -Northern India India
Stupa at Sanchi, c.1st C. A.D. India
Rock Carvings, Mahabhalipuram India
Great Wall of China, ~221 B.C. (disputed) China
Entrance to the burial place of Confucius China
T'ai Shan, sacred mountain in Shangtung province China
Buddhist Temple at Borobudur Java
Three Buddha Statues Japan
Site of a T'ang Dynasty Palace. China
Dome of the Rock, c 700 A.D. Middle East
St. Sophia's in Istanbul (Constantinople). Middle East
Garden of Mandarin Yu YuanChina, c. 1577
Forbidden City China
Buddhist Temple China, c. 15th Century
Temple Guardian Figure Forbidden City, China
The Great Wall China, c. 16th Century
Golden Pavilion Japan, c. 1397
Kyongbukkong, Kyongbuk Palace Korea, c. 1394
The Taj Mahal. India
Potala. Tibet, 17th century
Wat Po. Thailand
Kang Youwei (K'ang Yu-wei) Early 20th century Confucian scholar
Gandhi and Nehru, 1948 India
Mohammad Ali Jinnah India
His Holiness, the Dalai Lama Tibet, 20th century
Poster of Mao. China, 20th century
Sun Yat-sen and his Military Staff, China
Poster, "One family, One child". China, 20th century
Hahoe Traditional Village Korea
Women Planting Rice Korea
Man with Oxen Korea
Terraced Rice Paddies Korea
Refugee Ship, Palestine
President Julius Nyerere with Chinese Officials, Tanzania

Maps and Charts

Ancient Mesopotamia
Ashoka's Empire India
Perisan Empire under Darius 521-486 B.C.E.
Zhou Dynasty, China
Early Japan
Tang Dynasty, China
Harsha's Empire in Northern India
Expansion of Islam Middle East
Muslim and Mongol Empires, 1000-1500
Mughal Empire, c.16th century
Expansion under the Qing dynasty
The Dismemberment of the Ottoman Empire.
Imperialism in Asia on the Eve of World War I
China and Japan in the Nineteenth Century.
The British Empire and Commonwealth
The Decline of Colonialism after World War II
Post Cold War Europe (and parts of Asia)
The Modern Middle East
Modern India, 1990
Modern East Asia (and Pacific Islands), 1990


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