The Americas
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Chapters on The Americas
The Americas and Africa Before the Age of European Overseas Expansion: Chapter 17
Europe Expands and Divides: Overseas Discoveries and Protestant Reformation: Chapter 19
The Industrial Revolution: Chapter 26
Nationalism and Nation-Building: Chapter 29
International Industrialization and Imperialism: Chapter 30
A Delicate Equilibrium: Chapter 32
The First World War : Chapter 34
Turmoil Between the Wars : Chapter 35
The Second World War : Chapter 36
The Postwar Years: Rivalry and Recovery : Chapter 37
Fragmentation and Change: The End of Postwar Certainties in Europe : Chapter 38
Progress, Poverty, and Revolution in Latin America: Chapter 42
Epilogue: Problems of World Civilization: Chapter 43

Pan-American Multimedia

Primary Sources and Essays
Primary SourceLetter to de Santangel from Columbus (Report on his first voyage.) Spain/West Indies
Primary SourceThe Age of Reason, Paine North America
Primary SourcePolitical Philosophy Thomas Jefferson North America
Primary SourceJacksonian Democracy Andrew Jackson North America
Primary SourceAmerican Imperialism Beveridge to the Senate, 1900 North America
Primary SourceAnti-Imperialism Platform of the Anti-Imperialist League, 1899 North America
Primary SourcePlatform of the Populist Party American Reformism North America
Primary SourceWar Message to Congress, Woodrow Wilson North America
Primary SourceSpeech on the Fourteen Points, Woodrow Wilson North America
Primary SourceUnited Nations Charter (Excerpt) General
Primary SourceThe Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962 Robert F. Kennedy North America/Caribbean
Primary SourceUniversal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) General

Photos and Illustrations
Temple at Chichén Itzá, ~500 B.C.
Dutch West Indies Coastline, 1492 Caribbean
Haymarket Riots, Chicago, Illinois. 1886
Secretary of State George Marshall
Queen Elizabeth II signs the Canada Act
Fidel Castro, Cuba
Getulio Vargas, President of Brazil 1930-1945 and 1951-1954
Victoriano Huerta, Mexico
Crick and Watson discover the Double Helix, England (Crick) and United States (Watson)
Dr. Jonas Salk, United States

Maps and Charts
America Before European Conquest, 1450 General
The Atlantic World in 1713 General
Latin America on the Eve of Independence, c. 1800
The British Empire and Commonwealth
Modern Latin America


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