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Chapters on Africa
Earliest Beginnings: Chapter One
Egyptian Civilization: Chapter Three
The Hellenistic Civilization: Chapter 8
Roman Civilization: Chapter 9
Asia and Africa in Transition: Chapter 11
Rome's Three Heirs: The Byzantine, Islamic and Early-Medieval Western Worlds: Chapter 12
The Americas and Africa Before the Age of European Overseas Expansion: Chapter 17
India, East Asia and Africa during the Early-Modern Era: Chapter 21
International Industrialization and Imperialism: Chapter 30
China, Japan, and Africa under the Impact of the West: Chapter 33
The Middle East and Africa: Chapter 39
Epilogue: Problems of World Civilization: Chapter 43

African Multimedia

Primary Sources and Essays
The Book of the Dead Egypt
Royal Hymn of Akhenaton Egypt
Ethiopian Christianity, David Menyelek and the Ark of the Covenant Ethiopia
Primary SourceUnited Nations Charter General
Primary SourceUniversal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) General

Photos and Illustrations
The Sphinx at Gizeh. Egypt
Entrance, Temple of Horus at Edfu Egypt
Decorative Pillars, Temple at Edfu Egypt
Temple of Karnak, at Luxor Egypt
Pharoah Akhenaton Egypt
An Ndebele Granary., Zimbabwe, Africa
Ruins at Gedi, 14th century Africa
Gobirau Mosque, 15th century Africa
The Griot, Africa
The Great Zimbabwe, 15th century Africa
Fort Jesus, Mombasa. East Africa
Kabaka's Palace, Uganda Africa
Mosque and minaret in Mombasa. East Africa
African craftsmen at dye pits in Kano. West Africa
Diagram of the slave ship Brooks Africa
Suez Canal Sketch of Dredges and Elevators, 1869
Boer Commandos with Louis Botha
Slave Merchant's Residence Elmina, Gold Coast
Indian Merchant's Residence Zanzibar
Ndebele Family Compound South Africa
Zulu City Destroyed by British during Boer War, 1838 South Africa
The Pass System South Africa
The Suez Canal prior to World War I
General James B.M. Hertzog
Kwame Nkrumah, Ghana
President Julius Nyerere, Tanzania

Maps and Charts
Ancient Egypt
Africa, 1000-1500
Africa, 1500-1800
Imperialism in Africa on the Eve of World War I
The British Empire and Commonwealth
The Decline of Colonialism after World War II
The Modern Middle East (and North Africa)
The "New" Africa, 1990


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