W.W. Norton
The Ultimate Guide to Teaching

The Ultimate Guide is designed to make it easy for instructors to incorporate best teaching practices into their courses and for veteran teachers to find new inspiration to enliven their lectures. In addition, each chapter ends with solutions to all unsolved end-of-chapter problems in the textbook.
The Ultimate Guide to Teaching Economics
Infographic Snapshots

media/snapshots.jpg Infographic Snapshots
These visually stunning infographics appear in each chapter of the book and relay complex data in a digestible format that reinforces learning. The images have been optimized for lecture presentations and are available in customizable PowerPoints.
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Snapshot Infographics
Vital Source ebook

The enhanced ebook is a great resource for students who want to search, take notes, and access media-rich content, even from a public computer, tablet, or mobile device.
Enhanced ebook

media/powerpoints.jpg Powerpoints
Lecture slides help you create powerful presentations with images from the book, animated versions of in-text graphs, additional examples not in the text, and built-in clicker questions.
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