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STRATFOR | Germany's Eurozone Dilemma

The Eurozone debt crisis has sparked controversy and upheaval across Europe. Stratfor analyst Adriano Bosoni discusses the dilemma around Germany’s response to the crisis.

Map Location: Germany

Comprehensive Questions

What does Bosoni mean when he says that Europe's main challenge is "not economic, but political"?
2. Why might we consider the euro crisis a sovereignty crisis? At the moment, which side seems to be winning: integration or sovereignty?

Multiple-Choice Questions

1. As seen on the map, which of the following countries is part of the Eurozone "core"?
2. Which of the following is NOT a problem faced by countries in the Eurozone periphery?
3. Of the events discussed in this video, which one would be an example of integration at work?

AFP | Japan's new government hopes for baby boom

Japan faces a population crisis that is perhaps one of the most serious in advanced democracies. The Democratic Party hopes to change that by instituting more pro-family policies, but will these policies be enough to reverse Japan’s declining birthrates?

Click here to view video.

Map Location: Japan

Comprehensive Questions

1. Are the major causes of Japan’s low birthrate more economic or social?
What pro-family policies is the Democratic Party proposing to implement? To what extent do these policies actually address the reasons behind the low birthrate?

Multiple-Choice Questions

1. In the last 35 years, Japan’s birthrate has dropped by:
2. Which of the following is NOT a reason for Japan’s low birthrate?

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