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This site will help you get through the book and get at the music.

To access the Rock Digital Anthologies, click on R e v e r b (short for reverberation) is the acoustic environment that surrounds a sound.

This section provides additional information and context about the bands and their music.

It also helps you to get at the music with direct links to downloads at iTunes and MSN. (Just use your existing account or follow the easy steps to open one.)

This site provides study outlines for everything
    Textbook chapters
    Book interludes
    Live from...
    The Eras of Rock History

Access them, print them out, and keep them with your book.

Unexpected similarities between artists, groups, and styles will emerge as we work through the material, and your newly won perspective on rock and its history may even change the way you listen to and think about music in general.
John Covach
author – What’s That Sound?

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