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RockEras - 1970s
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  • The 1970s were a time of diversification and new turmoil
    • Lifestyle and politics
      1. Countercultural issues born in the 1960s were absorbed into the cultural mainstream in the 1970s
        • Hippie fashion
        • Hippie lifestyles
        • Personal grooming reflected hippie influence
      2. The Vietnam War continued through the first half of the decade
        • Strongly divisive among the American people
        • Considered to be the first war that America "lost"
      3. The break-in at the Democratic national headquarters caused a political scandal
        • Covered up by the Nixon White House
        • Resulted in extensive distrust of the American government
        • President Nixon resigned because of his alleged involvement
      4. Problems with the economy
        • Gasoline shortages
        • Inflation
        • Nuclear disaster at Three Mile Island raised concerns about safety of nuclear energy
      5. Political revolution in Iran
        • American hostages were taken
        • Foreshadowed further unrest in the Middle East
    • Expanded focus on social issues begun in the 1960s
      1. Feminism became known as women's liberation ("women's lib")
        • Gloria Steinem published Ms magazine in 1972
        • Virginia Slims cigarettes were marketed to women
        • Their slogan: "you've come a long way, baby"
        • Famous tennis match between a man and a woman: Bobby Riggs/Billie Jean King
        • Helen Reddy won a Grammy for her feminist anthem "I Am Woman"
      2. Advances in gay rights
        • State laws prohibiting homosexuality were changed
        • American Psychological Association removed homosexuality from its list of diseases in 1973
    • Wide diversity reflected in the television industry
      1. All in the Family became a hit television show
        • Bigoted lead character, Archie Bunker, had conflicts with liberal family and friends
      2. Mary Tyler Moore Show dealt with issues of women in the workplace
      3. Chico and the Man focused on issues in the Hispanic community
      4. Music programs expanded on American Bandstand
        • Brill Building's Don Kirschner produced In Concert (changed to Rock Concert)
        • Midnight Special featured famous radio disk-jockey Wolfman Jack
        • Don Cornelius's Soul Train focused on rhythm and blues
        • Saturday Night Live showcased rock groups in live performance
    • Radio became more divided between AM and FM
      1. AM retained some of the old network-style programming
        • Preteen pop
        • Oldies
      2. FM became more corporate
        • Less control given to DJs on what to play
        • More tightly formatted
        • DJs lost some of their ability to influence the industry
    • Film
      1. Countercultural values appear in films
        • Exemplified in George Lucas's Star Wars
        • The "Force" is a universal spiritual concept
        • The film is about going to fight totalitarianism in a distant galaxy
    • The difference between struggles in the 1960s versus the 1970s: division versus diversity
      1. Struggles between men and women
      2. Gays versus straights
      3. Blacks versus whites
      4. General fragmentation spawned many musical styles
      5. Bands emerged that aligned themselves with causes and social groups

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