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RockEras - 1920s
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  • 1920s shaped by World War I ("The Great War")
    • Horrific devastation
      1. Incongruous combination of modern warfare and old world strategy
        • Armored vehicles
        • Poison gas
        • Soldiers on horseback armed with swords
      2. 10 million soldiers killed (100,000 Americans)
      3. Radical art movements arose in reaction to global political upheaval
        • Literature
        • Dance
        • Music
    • Emergence of Jazz in America
      1. New style based on large ensembles
        • Louis Armstrong
        • Duke Ellington
        • Glenn Miller
      2. Inspired a sense of free spirited attitude
        • Strong rhythms
        • Jagged melodies
        • Big sound
  • Big sound
    • 1930 26,000 businesses failed
    • By 1932 25% jobless rate forced families into shantytowns
    • Depression was both economic and psychological
  • 1940s shaped by World War II
    • American soldiers returned in triumph
    • G.I. Bill allowed highest college enrollment ever
      1. Benefits of college education in the 1950s:
        • Higher earning power
        • Single income families
        • Increase in the middle class"Boom" in birth rate (hence the term "Baby Boomers" — children born in the 1950s)
    • Children in the 1950s would have more allowance money to spend on rock and roll

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