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The Musician's Guide to Theory and Analysis
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This student web site is the review center for The Musician's Guide to Theory and Analysis. Here you can access:

NEW: Supplemental exercises for chapters 1 - 9, 12.  Download PDF files.

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The Musician’s Guide to Aural Skills

Supplemental Melodies for Study
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Interactive Scores & Audio: The Musician's Guide Student Web Site offers score excerpts that do not appear in the Anthology. These scores, taken from both the textbook and the workbook, are accessible online with a plug-in called Scorch. If you need assistance on its operation, refer to the help page.

Flash Cards help you review the book's essential terms. These flash cards allow you to enter an answer and compare it to the term's definition from the book's glossary. You can even download the Flash Card files in spreadsheet format.

WebFacts provide enrichment - primarily as historical anecdotes - to the topics covered. Collected from each author's classroom experience, each WebFact is interesting and entertaining.