Interactive Listening Guides

The JAZZ iLGs (Interactive Listening Guides) synchronize the music from The Norton Jazz Essential Listening Recordings CDs with descriptions of what you need to know about each work. Each iLG also directs you to an online quiz so you can test your understanding of the work.

Getting Started

A personal copy of each CD track is required for the iLGs to function. We strongly recommend using iTunes to import music from your CDs.

  1. Import the CD tracks using iTunes (free software download available at this link.) Note: allow iTunes to operate using its default settings. This means your music files will be placed in your My Music folder, in the iTunes directory.
  2. Download the iLGs software to your hard drive. We recommend that you place the software in its own folder. Once the zipped file is downloaded, double-click it to expand the program file and listening guide files.

    PC (right click, save file as)

    MAC (ctrl+click, save link as)

  3. Launch the iLG software: click the JAZZ_iLGs program file.
  4. Select iLG from the menu. Note that the opening menu lists the contents of both CDs. Select from the menu. Assuming you have imported the CDs to your iTunes library, the listening guide software will find your copy of the work and import it into the guide. If you receive a prompt to find the track, then you either imported the CDs using another music player or placed it in an alternative directory. Simply find the directory and select the appropriate CD and its track.

By downloading the Jazz Essential Listening iLG software you acknowledge that is was created solely to accompany Jazz, by Scott DeVeaux and Gary Giddins and The Norton Jazz Recordingsand the software is limited to use with only this title and may not be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form by any means for any other purpose without the written permission of the publisher.

The Interactive Listening Guides are also available on The Norton Jazz Recordings DVD, which includes MP3 files of each selection on a single disc. No software installation is required. More information

Press PLAY to view the following demonstration video!