Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827)

Study Plan


  1. Print out the chapter outline and refer to it, marking sections you have read or learned in lecture.
  2. Access a selection of streamed examples from the anthology as well as additional works.


  1. The chapter and listening quizzes will help you practice for exams that cover the recordings, textbook and anthology. You can take these quizzes as often as you like, then send them to your instructor’s grade book, and keep track of your scores in your own Norton grade book.
  2. Use the FlashCards to check your retention and understanding of the major terms, presented in boldface print in your textbook. You can print them out or download them to your computer.


  1. The Styles Quizzes in the Connect section of the site test your understanding of major concepts pertaining to genres and styles. These quizzes integrate musical excerpts and graphics. There are two quizzes for each era; one refers to a work in the anthology and the second one presents a “mystery” work for you to identify. The quizzes will test your knowledge of the musical concepts across several chapters.
  2. Composer biographies present brief overview of the lives of many of the composers presented in your textbook.
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