The Royal Hymn of Akhenaton
Chapter Three

Praise to thee. When thou risest in the horizon, O living Aton, lord of eternity. Obeisance to thy rising in heaven, to illuminate every land, with thy beauty. Thy rays are upon thy beloved son. Thy hand has a myriad of jubilees for the King of Upper and Lower Egypt, . . . thy child who came forth from thy rays. Thou assignest to him thy lifetime and thy years. Thou hearest for him that which is in his heart. He is thy beloved. thou makest him like Aton. When thou risest, eternity is given him; when thou settest, thou givest him everlastingness. Thou begettest him in the morning like thine own forms; ruler of truth, who came forth from eternity, son of Re, wearing his beauty, who offers to him the product of his rays; . . . living in truth, Lord of the Two lands, . . . living forever and ever.


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