Explain the significance of the following:
1. appeasement
2. Nazi-Soviet non-aggression pact
3. Spanish Civil War
4. Midway
5. "phony war"
6. D-Day
7. Blitzkrieg
8. Economic and Social Council
9. Lend-Lease Act
10. Locarno Agreements
11. Atlantic Charter
12. Kellog-Briand Pact
13. "Peace in our time"
14. Vichy regime
15. Little Entente

Match the leader in column I with the position in column II. Click the Key for the proper answer.
1. Neville Chamberlain
A. German Chancellor
2. Adolph Hitler
B. German Tank Commander
3. Édouard Daladier
C. American President (after April 1945)
4. Benito Mussolini
D. British Prime Minister (before 1940)
5. Henri Philippe Pétain
E. British Prime Minister (after 1940)
6. Winston Churchill
F. Norwegian Nazi Leader
7. Franklin D. Roosevelt
G. American President (before April 1945)
8. Vidkun Quisling
H. Italian Prime Minister
9. Erwin Rommel
I. Vichy (French) Leader
10. Harry Truman
J. French Premier

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