Explain the significance of the following:
1. soviet
2. U-boat
3. Easter Rebellion
4. Council of Three
5. "war guilt" provision of Versailles treaty
6. Treaty of Brest-Litovsk
7. Triple Entente
8. Triple Alliance
9. "Peace, Bread, and Land"
Order the following developments which led to World War I. Click here for correct Chronology. Click the Key to reveal the answer.
1. Austrian ultimatum to Serbia
2. Declaration of war by the United States
3. German declaration of war against France
4. Assassination of Austrian heir to the throne
5. Signing of the Treaty of Versailles
6. Austrian declaration of war against Serbia
7. Coup resulting in accession of Bolsheviks to power in Russia
8. Signing of armistice by Germany
1. This President of France at the beginning of World War I was replaced in 1917 by Clemenceau.
2. This politician replaced Asquith as Prime Minister of England.
3. This man was vice chairman of the Petrograd Soviet after the overthrow of the Czar.
4. This "Father of the Turks" proclaimed Turkey a republic after military victories cowed his would be enemies.
5. This German General's plan included taking France out of the conflict early, then moving to aid the Austrians in defeating Russia.

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