Define the following terms. Click to reveal the answer and a page number in your text for more information:
1. Piankhy
2. Osiris
3. Hyksos
4. Amon-Re
5. Ahmose
6. Amenhotep IV (Akhenaton)
7. ring-money
8. hieroglyphics
9. Narmer
10. Tutankhaton (Tutankhamen)
11. papyrus
12. "pi" ratio
13. Kushites
14. Ethiopia
15. polytheism
17. Nefertiti
18. Plea of the Eloquent Peasant

Places the following items in Chronological order
(Unordered dates are in Column II for your reference.)
Column IColumn II
1. Old Kingdom
2. Assyrian conquest of Egypt
3. Beginning of Zoser's reign
4. First unified state in the Nile Valley
5. Hyksos invasion of Egypt
6. Middle Kingdom
7. Persian conquest of Egypt
8. The New Kingdom (Empire)
9. Alexander the Great's conquest of Egypt
10. Kushite king Kashta captures Thebes
11. Death of Ramses II
    A. c. 3100
    B. c. 1750
    C. 1151
    D. 2770-2200
    E. c. 1560-1087
    F. 671
    G. 322
    H. c. 2770
    I. 525
    J. c. 2050-1786
    K. 750
Complete Ordered List


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