World CivilizationsResource
(UNIT 6)

International Industrialization and Imperialism
-Chapter 30 Exercises
Study QuestionsStudy Questions
Primary SourceAmerican Imperialism Beveridge to the Senate, 1900
Primary SourceAnti-Imperialism Platform of the Anti-Imperialist League, 1899
Primary SourceWhite Man's Burden Rudyard Kipling
Suez Canal Sketch of Dredges and Elevators, 1869
Boer Commandos with Louis Botha
Imperialism in Africa on the Eve of World War I
Imperialism in Asia on the Eve of World War I

The Middle Class Challenged
-Chapter 31 Exercises
Study QuestionsStudy Questions
Primary SourceThe Communist Manifesto Marx and Engels (Excerpt)
Primary SourceAn Exposition of Darwinism by a Contemporary Naturalist Wallace England
Primary SourceCivilization and Its Discontents Sigmund Freud (Excerpt)
Primary SourceSocial Statics Herbert Spencer on The Inevitability of Progress, (Excerpt)
Charles Darwin
Haymarket Riots, Chicago, Illinois. 1886

A Delicate Equilibrium [1870-1914]
-Chapter 32 Exercises
Study QuestionsStudy Questions
Primary SourceFive Years of My Life Captain Alfred Dreyfus (Excerpt)
Primary SourceThe Entente Cordial, 1904 Britain and France respecting Egypt and Morocco
Primary SourceMansion House Speech on the 3rd Moroccan Crisis David Lloyd George (Excerpt)
Primary SourceMemoirs of a Revolutionist Peter Kropotkin on the Death of Alexander II, (Excerpt)
Primary SourcePlatform of the Populist Party American Reformism
Primary SourceFranco-Russian Alliance of 1892
Young Lenin, 1897
London Dock Strike, 1911
Europe after the Congress of Berlin, 1878.
The Dismemberment of the Ottoman Empire.

China, Japan, and Africa
China, Japan, and Africa Under the Impact of the West [1800-1914]
-Chapter 33 Exercises
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Slave Merchant's Residence Elmina, Gold Coast
Indian Merchant's Residence Zanzibar
Ndebele Family Compound South Africa
Zulu City Destroyed by British during Boer War, 1838
Kang Youwei (K'ang Yu-wei) Early 20th century Confucian scholar
China and Japan in the Nineteenth Century.

The First World War
-Chapter 34 Exercises
Study QuestionsStudy Questions
Primary SourceGermany's War Aims, September, 1914 Bethmann Hollweg
Primary SourceWar Message to Congress, Woodrow Wilson
Primary SourceSpeech on the Fourteen Points, Woodrow Wilson
Primary SourceExtracts from the Treaty of Versailles
Tsar Nicholas II and his family,1917.
Europe before WWI

Turmoil Between the Wars
-Chapter 35 Exercises
Study QuestionsStudy Questions
Primary SourceThe Basic Philosophy of Facism Benito Mussolini
Chancellor Hindenburg, Adolph Hitler in the background, 1928
The Soviet Union, 1918-1939

The Second World War
-Chapter 36 Exercises
Study QuestionsStudy Questions
Primary SourcePeace in our Time Neville Chamberlain
Primary SourceRadio Address to the German People Neville Chamberlain
Primary SourceThe "Four Freedoms" address to Congress Franklin D. Roosevelt
Primary SourceUnited Nations Charter (Excerpt)
German Armored Division Entering Poland September 1, 1939
Polish Jews Evicted from the Warsaw Ghetto, on the way to a concentration camp.
Europe before WWII


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