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The French Revolution
-Chapter 25 Exercises
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Primary SourceThe Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen (France)
Primary SourceThe Republican Institutions of Saint-Just (A French radical)
Primary SourceThe Imperial Catechism of Napoleon I
Primary SourceThe Capture of Napoleon A British Commentary
Primary SourceThe Life, Exile, and Conversations of the Emporer Napoleon de Las Cases (Excerpt)
A Gentleman of the Third Estate and his Family France
Klemens von Metternich.
France under the Ancien Regime

The Industrial Revolution
-Chapter 26 Exercises
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Primary SourceThe Principles of Political Economy J.R. McCulloch
Primary SourceParliamentarly Investigations into Child Labor
Railway Navvies Britain
Thomas Brassey, Railroad Contractor Britain

Consequences of Industrialization
-Chapter 27 Exercises
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Primary SourceA Defense of Free Enterprise William Graham Sumner
Primary SourceThe Basis of Utopian Socialism Robert Owen
Primary SourceOn the Principle of Population Thomas Malthus
Primary SourceThe Labor Theory of Value David Ricardo
English Laundress and her children, mid 1800s
Quaker Soup Kitchen Britain

The Rise of Liberalism
-Chapter 28 Exercises
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Primary SourceStruggle for the First Reform Act in Great Britain McCarthy
Primary SourceThe Aims of the Chartists
Primary SourceOn Liberty John Stuart Mill (Excerpt)
Primary SourceLouis Napoleon Establishes the Second Empire
Workhouse for the Able-bodied Poor Britain
Robert Pool Britain

Nationalism and Nation-Building
-Chapter 29 Exercises
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Primary SourceBismarck Contrives a War with France
Primary SourceProclamation of the German Empire, 1781
Primary SourcePolitical Philosophy Thomas Jefferson
Primary SourceJacksonian Democracy Andrew Jackson
Illustration from Goethe's Sorrows of Werther Germany
Johann von Herder Germany
Unification of Germany, 1740-1871
Unification of Italy, 1850s - 1870s
Latin America on the Eve of Independence, c. 1800


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