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The Civilization of the Renaissance
-Chapter 18 Exercises
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Primary SourceThe Prince and other works by Machiavelli (excerpts)
Primary SourceUtopia, Sir Thomas More (excerpts)
Primary SourceLetter to a Carthusian Monk, Petrarch
States of Italy during the Renaissance, c.1494

Europe Expands and Divides: Overseas Discoveries and Protestant Reformation
-Chapter 19 Exercises
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Primary SourceLetter to de Santangel from Columbus(Report on his first voyage.)
Primary SourceTreatise on Good Works, Martin Luther
Primary SourceOn Rebellion Against Rulers, Martin Luther
Primary SourceDoctrine of Predestination, John Calvin (excerpts)
Primary SourceOn Civil Government, John Calvin (excerpts)
Primary SourceCouncil of Trent, Significant Decrees
Anabaptists' Cages, c. 1535
Dutch West Indies Coastline, 1492
Religious Situation in Europe, c.1560

A Century of Crisis for Early Modern Europe
-Chapter 20 Exercises
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Primary SourceWorks, King James I (On Divine Right)
Primary SourceReply of the House of Commons to King James I (1604)
Primary SourceLeviathan Thomas Hobbes (Justification of Absolutism)
Europe, c.1560

India, East Asia, and Africa During the Early-Modern Era
-Chapter 21 Exercises
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Primary SourceAkbar, The Great Mogul (1542-1605) (Excerpts)
The Taj Mahal. India
Potala. Tibet, 17th century
Wat Po. Thailand
Fort Jesus, Mombasa. East Africa
Kabaka's Palace, Uganda Africa
Mosque and minaret in Mombasa. East Africa
African craftsmen at dye pits in Kano. West Africa
Mughal Empire, c.16th century
Expansion under the Qing dynasty
Africa, 1500-1800

The Economy and Society of Early Modern Europe
-Chapter 22 Exercises
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Primary Source Life in Sixteenth Century England, As Described by Erasmus (excerpt)
Primary Source"On the Principle of Mercantilism", Adam Smith (excerpt from Wealth of Nations)
Primary SourceSome Results of the Enclosure Movement in England, Sir Thomas More (excerpt)
Primary SourcePiratical Exploits of Sir Francis Drake, (excerpt)
Diagram of the slave ship Brooks
The Atlantic World in 1713

The Age of Absolutism
-Chapter 23 Exercises
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Primary SourceOf Civil Government, John Locke (excerpt)
Primary SourceEnglish Bill of Rights, (excerpt)
Tsar Peter I, 1682-1725.
A Chapel at Versailles
The Age of Absolutism in Europe

The Scientific Revolution and Enlightenment
-Chapter 24 Exercises
Study QuestionsStudy Questions
Primary SourceEssay Concerning Human Understanding, Locke
Primary SourcePersonification of the Enlightenment, Voltaire
Primary SourceThe Age of Reason, Paine
Primary SourceThe Encyclopedia, The Proper Study of Mankind
Primary SourceThe Progress of the Human Mind, Condorcet
Primary SourceThe Social Contract, Rousseau
St. Peter's Basilica in Rome.
Cartesian Dualism. France
A Laboratory. France


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