World CivilizationsResource
(UNIT 3)

Rome's Three Heirs: The Byzantine, Islamic, and Early-Medieval Western Worlds
-Chapter 12 Exercises
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The Koran: The Creator, or the Angels
The Koran: The Inevitable
The Arabian Nights (excerpt)
Dome of the Rock, c 700 A.D.
St. Sophia's in Istanbul (Constantinople).
Expansion of Islam

The High Middle Ages: Economic, Social, and Political Institutions
-Chapter 13 Exercises
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Ceremonial Relationship Between Lord and Vassal
Emancipation of a Serf
The Magna Carta (Significant Provisions)
Notre Dame Cathedral.
A Diagram of a Manor, c. 1200.
The German Empire, c. 1200.

The High Middle Ages: Religious and Intellectual Developments
-Chapter 14 Exercises
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Dictatus Gregory VII on the Pope's Perogatives
Letter to Gregory VII Henry IV responds to the Pope's Perogatives
De Monarchia Dante on Monarchial Government
Medieval Universities.

The Later Middle Ages
-Chapter 15 Exercises
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Imitation of Christ "Of the Inward Life"
Imitation of Christ "Of Good Government" and "That a Man should not be Fretful in Matters of Business"
Progress of the Black Death.

Centuries of Turmoil and Grandeur in Asia
-Chapter 16 Exercises
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The Assemblies of Al-Hariri
Garden of Mandarin Yu YuanChina, c. 1577
Forbidden City China
Buddhist Temple China, c. 15th Century
Temple Guardian Figure Forbidden City, China
The Great Wall China, c. 16th Century
Golden Pavilion Japan, c. 1397
Kyongbukkong, Kyongbuk Palace Korea, c. 1394
Muslim and Mongol Empires, 1000-1500

The Americas and Africa before the Age of European Overseas Expansion
-Chapter 17 Exercises
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Ethiopian Christianity, David Menyelek and the Ark of the Covenant
Temple at Chichén Itzá, ~500 B.C.
Ruins at Gedi, 14th century Africa
Gobirau Mosque, 15th century Africa
The Griot, Africa
The Great Zimbabwe, 15th century Africa
America Before European Conquest, 1450
Africa, 1000-1500


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