World CivilizationsResource
(UNIT 2)

Greek Civilization
-Chapter 7 Exercises
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Plutarch on the Spartan System
Thucydides on Athenian Ideals (Funeral Oration of Pericles)
Plato on the Ideal State (from the Republic)
Edith Hamilton on Greek Tragedy
Amphitheater at Epidauros, 400 B.C.
The Pillars of the Parthenon.
Greek Colonies,550 B.C.

The Hellenistic Civilization
-Chapter 8 Exercises
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Plutarch: The Last Days of Alexander
The Stoic Philosophy: As described by Diogenes Laertus
Alexander in Battle
Perisan Empire under Darius 521-486 B.C.E.

Roman Civilization
-Chapter 9 Exercises
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Plutarch: A Roman of the Old School
Marcus Aurelius: Late Roman Stoicism
The Roman Colosseum, 75 - 80 A.D.
Roman Expansion Under the Republic.
The Roman Empire.

Christianity and the Transformation of the Roman World
-Chapter 10 Exercises
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Sermon on the Mount (Early Christianity)
The Theology of Paul
The Political Theory of Paul
The Rule of St. Benedictine
Diocletian and his colleagues in Rule
Barbarian Invasions of the 5th and 6th centuries.

Asia and Africa in Transition(c. 200 B.C. - 900 A.D.)
-Chapter 11 Exercises
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The Poetry of Li Po: Thoughts on a Tranquil Night and Under the Moon
The Poetry of Po Chu-i: The Lute Girl
Buddhist Temple at Borobudur (Java)
Three Buddha Statues in Japan
Site of a T'ang Dynasty Palace.
An Ndebele Granary., Zimbabwe, Africa
Early Japan
Tang Dynasty, China
Harsha's Empire in Northern India


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