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Warring over Holy Land

Introduction: How often do you watch television? Read the newspaper? If you engage in these activities, you've certainly run across the struggles in the Middle East. You've seen the screaming, stone throwing demonstrators, the soldiers in berets, the stern but inflexible leaders. How much have you really learned about the conflict in The Holy Land? And upon what are your opinions based? Who has shaped those opinions? Teachers? Parents? Connie Chung?

Instructions: Answer the following five questions as honestly as you can, and save your answers until you finish this research project. After you've answered the questions, proceed to the Link Collection and try to discover the roots of the conflict.

  1. What exactly are the Israelis and Palestinians fighting about?
  2. When did the conflict begin?
  3. Who do you perceive to be the aggressor? (If you feel both parties fit this description, which do you feel is more aggressive?)
  4. Should the International Community be involved in settling this issue? Why?
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