World Civilizations


This research project is centered in one archive sponsored by Fordham University. The archive is full of marvelous primary source material, features secondary sources, and links to other medieval sites. We encourage you to bookmark it for future exploration.

Write a five to seven page research paper exploring the Medieval era from the perspective the experiences of a person or persons in one of the featured eras. This archive features late antiquity, early Christianity, the Byzantine Empire, Islamic sources, etc. Cover a specific theme, such as women and marriage, legal systems, or cosmology; the experience of one person, such as Justinian or Theodora; or compare two beliefs or experiences, such as the Islamic vs. the early Christian view of women's roles or the nature of God and the afterworld. Use the primary source material available to substantiate your points. If you are comfortable researching and writing, Enter the archive. Otherwise, use our HELP!! for a guide to some of the archival materials and thought questions to help you get the most out of the readings.

Hints: Paul Halsell at Fordham has already separated the reading excerpts into thematic sections which may help you focus on a topic. He has also included full text sources at the bottom of this very long collection which may give the more advanced student of history more material to explore. (Note that the Link Collection for this project includes some good timelines and other references which may help you to focus on your topic.)

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World Civilizations

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