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History in Revision
Introduction: History has the power to inspire or incite. Churchill, Roosevelt, Hitler, Stalin, Kennedy, Hussein, and Reagan are but a few world leaders who recognized the power of rhetoric combined with references to history, to our past. This collective memory binds us as a civilization, provides a groundwork of common experiences on which society is based. Powerful speakers know this, and use these ideas to move audiences. One of the most horrifying events in recent history is, of course, the Holocaust. Shoah. The systematic destruction of millions. What if this horrific blot on our collective memory reflects Allied propoganda and not fact? There is a revisionist movement internationally which denies that this planned destruction ever took place. What does it mean to change people's ideas about the events which shape their culture?

Instructions: Read the selections indicated and consider the questions which accompany them. Click after each set of readings.


World Civilizations

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