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History in Revision
Instructions: Browse through at least two of the following reports. Note the sources used, types of evidence quoted, basic arguments. Who are the authors? Why do these authors feel that current histories are inaccurate? Are their arguments logical? Supported by evidence? Summarize their responses to Revisionist History.

Responds to questions about Auschwitz with pictures, documents, and calculations.
Responds to questions about Hoess' confession at Nuremberg.
The Cybrary of the Holocaust
Responds to all major denial claims. Gives information about major Revisionists, including Leuchter and Zündel.
Responds to the 66 questions about the Holocaust posted by the Institute for Historical Review.
Responds to allegations that Jewish eyewitness testimony was fabricated.
the Skeptic
Fascinating picture of the leaders of the revisionist movement.


World Civilizations

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