World Civilizations

The Darkness, the Water, and Breath:
Ancient Birth of the World Mythology

Introduction: One of the most valuable lessons in historical study comes when a student realizes that the human experience over the centuries has been more similar than different. Food, Shelter, Birth and Death are universal concerns. Our basic similarities in biology and mentality are strikingly apparent when one compares the CREATION MYTHS

Instructions: Read the Genesis, the Enuma Elish, and the Rig Veda accounts. Then choose at least two more accounts from the hypertext version of From Primitives to Zen. Write a short paper which compares and contrasts the stories you read. What do the stories teach you about the culture which produced them? What accounts for the differences? The similarities?

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Thanks to William Hamblin, Ph.D., at Brigham Young University for this concept.


World Civilizations

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