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Web 2.0: Podcasting, RSS Feeds, Social Networking, Second Life

  • Podcasting 101 - Florida Center for Instructional Technology, University of Southern Florida
    Basic handbook, most information general, some specific to USF servers.
  • Podcasts and MP3s - Australian Broadcasting Corp. Radio National
    How podcasting works, basics of saving files, selected browser information.
  • Expanding Composition Audiences with Podcasting - Computers in Composition Online, Doug Dangler, Ben McCorkle, & TIme Barrow
    Best practices and developments, with sample assignments, links to higher ed podcasting resources and feeds.
  • Chronicle RSS Feeds, Chronicle of Higher Education
    Higher ed RSS feeds, with brief explanation of the term.
  • MySpace, Facebook, Bebo: Social Networking Students - Mike Thelwall, Association for Learning Technology, UK
    Overview of popular programs, with a few broad suggestions for classroom use; linked references to related assessments of online social interaction.
  • Stu - dent Av- a tar - Web site by Purdue grad students, self-proclaimed "radical rhetoricians," whose linked blogs comment on issues, resources, adaptations of Second Life. See "Machinima on Teaching in Second Life"
  • Annotated Bibliography of Second Life Educational Online Resources - Mark Pepper, Ph.D candidate, Purdue
  • Second Life - official web site and resource pages
  • - Second Life news, videos, resource links
  • Seond Life Resources - Wikispaces
    General, beginners, tools, teaching in Second Life, tools, tours, videos