Genres Processes Research Media/Design Documentation



  • Writing Profiles - West Chester University
    Details the appeal, purpose, basic features, and possible approaches to profile essay assignments.
  • Writing a Successful Grant Proposal - Minnesota Council on Foundations
    Outlines the process, including variations, a brief FAQ section, hiring professional grant writers, practical advice on rejection, success, and partial funding.
  • How to Write a Proposal - The Business Link (Canadian government-supported non-profit organization)
    Outlines twelve business proposal features, from cover letter to final review.

Proposing Solutions

  • Proposals - Penn State University
    Penn State's e-portfolio assignment for an essay that proposes a solution to a problem.
  • "Up On Downloading" - Elaine McArdle, Harvard Law Bulletin Summer 2004
    Harvard law professors propose 3 solutions to Internet music piracy.