Genres Processes Research Media/Design Documentation

General Information

  • Genres - Duke University's Writing Studio
    Definitions and guidelines for 28 genres of writing.
  • Genres of Writing - Purdue University OWL
    Annotated Internet resource categories include: Business and Tech Writing, Creative and Non-Academic Writing, Special Fields, Writing in Grade School through High School, Abstracts and Proposals.
  • Writing: Keeping It Real - Bill Kist, Kent State University, inTeacher to Teacher (Ohio Literacy Council)
    See table, page 2, for 99 writing genres and contexts.

Literacy Narratives

  • Literacy Narratives - Southern Illinois University
    Assignment prompt keyed to statements about literacy by Mike Rose and Linda Brodkey.
  • Sample Reading and Writing Autobiographies - University of Wisconsin Stevens Point
    Student samples by education majors 1998-2000.
  • Narrative of the Life of Frederic Douglass - UC Berkeley Library's SunSITE
    Electronic version of the text originally published by the Boston Anti-Slavery Office in 1845.
  • Whose Encyclopedia? - Ramona Fernandez, Issue 3 of Rhizomes, journal of experimental writing with Deleuzian philosophical bent.
    Discusses common classifications of knowledge in dictionaries and encyclopedias, and the "epistemologies of power" minority students encounter in traditional paths to literacy.