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Arguing a Position


  • Writing Argumentative Papers - Texas Tech University's Paradigm Online Writing Assistance
    Many examples of each stage of preparing and considering argumentation, well-organized.
  • Stages of Argument - Peter Suber, Earlham College
    Proposes and explains 4 tiers of argument sophistication.

Materials for Selected Argument Topics

  • An Outline of the Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas Controversy - George Mason University
    Background, commentary, testimony, gender/race/media perspectives, links to other historic Supreme Court documents and resources, like Brown vs. the Board of Education.
  • Commonwealth Institute - non-profit public policy institute, Cambridge, MA
    Featured publications include "Pulse of Capitalism" and "Project on Defense Alternatives"; reviews and documents detailing Iraq War strategies, developments, factors in decision-making.
  • The Enola Gay Controversy - Lehigh University
    Discussion and primary resources track the history of the Smithsonian exhibit controversy.
  • NATO Online Library
    Among the documents: communiqués, speech and news conference transcripts of secretaries general from 1946 onward.
  • - Nuclear Age Peace Foundation
    Resources for researching nuclear disarmament issues, including history, ethics, documents, biographies of key players, current research, study guides.