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Generating Ideas

  • Grammar and Style - CUNY
    "A to Z" grammar reference, interactive exercises.
  • Grammar, Etc. - The Freeload Press (Norton)
    Free downloadable handbook of grammar and style, many exercises.
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    Text download
  • Guide to Grammar and Writing - Charles Darling, Capital Community College
    Interactive tutorials, extensive coverage. Topic areas: Word & Sentence Level; Paragraph Level; Essay & Research Paper Level; Ask Grammar, Quizzes, Search Devices; Peripherals & Powerpoints; GrammarPoll.
  • Practice Exercises Index - OWL Purdue
    ESL, grammar, punctuation, spelling exercises.
  • Grammar Exercises - Gallaudet University
    Multiple exercises for all parts of speech, sentence and punctuation exercises.
  • Common Errors in English - Paul Brians, Washington State University
    Alphabetized listing of usage errors, including common misspellings, linked to explanations of the errors, with corrections.

Quotes, Paraphrasing, Summarizing