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Web activities encourage students of The Norton Reader to discover new ways to think and write about 20 selected essays. Each set of activities begins with a Biography section that includes links to Web sites that offer information about the essay's author. The Writing Assignments include links to sites that help students research an essay or brainstorm a topic. Finally, a Connections section suggests ways to compare and contrast the essay with other pieces in The Norton Reader. All of the essays included here appear in both the full and shorter editions.

A downloadable Toolbar features parts of the new introduction to The Norton Reader that covers all the elements cited in the WPA Outcomes Statement—considering audience, writing in various genres, understanding the writing process, and more. Students can access the Toolbar online or download it to use as they write and edit documents in Microsoft Word.

Access to the new Norton/Write site, which features color-coded MLA citation guidelines, tutorials in avoiding plagiarism and research writing, grammar exercises, an online handbook, and more.

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