CSE style

CSE-c Formatting a Paper

  • Title page. CSE does not provide guidelines for college papers. Check to see if your instructor prefers a separate title page; if so, include your name, the title of your paper, your instructor's name, the name of the course, and the date.

    Page numbers and running head. Put the page number and a short version of your title in the top right-hand corner of each page except for the title page.

    Margins and line spacing.Leave one-inch margins all around the page; double-space your text but single-space your list of references, leaving a line space between entries.

    Headings. Especially when your paper is long, or when it has clear parts, headings can help readers to follow your argument. Center headings but without adding any extra space above or below.

    Abstract. If you are required to include an ABSTRACT, put it on its own page after the title page, with the word Abstract centered at the top of the page.

    Long quotations. When you are quoting forty or more words, set them off from your text, indented slightly from the left margin. Do not enclose such quotations in quotation marks. Indicate the source in a SIGNAL PHRASE before the quotation or in parentheses at the end, after any final punctuation. In either case, include a superscript note number to the full source citation as well.

    Interpreting data from NASA probes, Edward Bell9 described sunrise on Mercury.

    Sunrise and sunset on Mercury are spectacles to behold. Two and one half times larger in the sky than seen on Earth, the sun appears to rise and set twice during a Mercurian day. It rises, then arcs across the sky, stops, moves back toward the rising horizon, stops again, and finally restarts its journey toward the setting horizon. These aerial maneuvers occur because Mercury rotates three times for every two orbits around the sun and because Mercury's orbit is very elliptical.

    Illustrations. Insert each illustration close to where it is referred to. Number and label each one (Table 1, Figure 3) and provide a descriptive title (Figure 5 Structure and bonding in ethylene). Titles use sentence-style capitalization. Figures include charts, graphs, maps, photographs, and other types of illustrations. Number tables and figures consecutively, using separate numbering for tables and figures.

    References. Start your list of sources on a new page at the end of your paper; center the heading References at the top of the page. CSE single-spaces entries and separates them with a line space. For citation-sequence and citation-name format, number each entry and align subsequent lines of each entry below the first word of the first line. For name-year format, begin each line of the entry at the left margin.

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