The Traditions in English

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The Norton Shakespeare

The Norton ShakespeareThis student website ties text to context in ways uniquely flexible and imaginative. Students start by choosing from six of the most widely-taught plays: A Midsummer Night's Dream, Hamlet, Henry IV, Part 1, The Merchant of Venice, Othello, and The Tempest. For each play, students will find a wealth of resources, including sections on receptions, sources, and topics for study. Audio clips and stills from classic productions, streaming video of key scenes from the plays, etchings, photographs, and costume design illustrations help students appreciate performance aspects of the plays. 

The site also includes  "A Shakespearean Chronicle, 1558-1616," a rich, amply illustrated timeline of three kinds of chronologies that illuminate Shakespeare's life and times. In addition to the complete, searchable electronic texts of the six plays above, the complete texts of The Book of Sir Thomas More and The Reign of King Edward the Third, prepared by the editors of The Oxford Shakespeare, Second Edition, are included.  A selection of documents provides a range of contemporary testimony about Shakespeare's character, his work, and the social and institutional conditions under which it was produced.  The site also includes a map gallery and audio selections from Shakespeare's Songbook.

W.W. Norton would like to thank Actors from the London Stage for interpreting key passages from the six plays featured here.

Norton Literature Online

The free registration code included with your copy of The Norton Shakespeare, Second Edition also gives you access to Norton Literature Online. Norton Literature Online provides students with the most robust offering of literature resources on the Web, including an extensive glossary of literary terms, a valuable "Writing about Literature" section, MLA documentation guidelines, links to textbook-specific sites that include student review materials, and much more. In addition to general tools for reading and writing, the site features a gallery of nearly 400 author portraits, more than 100 maps, timelines, and dozens of recorded readings and musical selections.