Revolutionary Europe 1848

The American and French revolutions had an immediate impact for those living through them, but each also had a long-lasting effect, inspiring people across the globe with the possibility of democratic equality. Such revolutionary ideals are never easy to achieve, nor do the realities of the revolutionary spirit always live up to the dream, but by the mid-nineteenth century the world was full of places where social change was happening in a profound way. This map shows major revolutionary centers in Europe in 1848, a year that came to be known as the "Springtime of the Peoples." Revolutions were happening from Lisbon (in Portugal) to Ireland (in the United Kingdom) to Budapest (in Hungary). It seemed that everywhere the working class was rising up to fight for their equality and for what they saw as a fair share of the wealth and power that their hard work had made possible. "Workers of the world unite!" wrote Marx and Engels in their Communist Manifesto (NAWOL, Volume E)—a rallying cry heard around the world.