The World of the Hebrew Bible

This map depicts important places in the area of Palestine and Judea that figure into the narratives included as part of the Hebrew Bible excerpts in the anthology. A recurrent theme in the Hebrew Bible (as in other religious traditions) is that of wandering or traveling, often from a place and state of exile to a place of redemption. Some important journeys are depicted on the map, like those of Moses (who led the exodus of the Israelites out of Egypt across the Red Sea and to Mount Sinai). It is said that Moses wandered for forty years in the desert. He died within site of the promised land but did not actually reach it with his people. (See "Moses Receives the Law," Exodus, chapters 19–20, NAWOL, Volume A.) Abraham is another important wanderer in the Hebrew tradition, often travelling with his family to escape drought or at God's command. Jacob's journey from Haran into Canaan (depicted in the map inset) includes such iconic moments as Jacob wrestling with an angel (though the language describing the exact nature of this being is not entirely clear).