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The Old Testament

Short Answer Quiz

  1. What do you think is the view of human sexuality expressed in the Song of Songs? How is that similar to or different from the current view of sexuality?

  1. For what reason(s) is Job tested? How is he tested? How does he respond to each of the miseries inflicted on him? What is the final outcome for him? Why? If you were Job, what would you have done? 

  1. This translation of the first few books of Genesis may be different from the one you use. What are some of those differences? Do they affect your understanding of the meaning of the text? Why or why not?

  1. There are many varieties of language in the world, but many of them have the same antecedent; they are Indo-European. According to Genesis 11, how and why did that single language develop into so many others?

  1. Why do you think Abraham bowed to the will of God to sacrifice his son Isaac? What is the conflict between faith and reason inherent in the story? If you were Abraham, what would you have done? Why?

  1. Pick three incidents from the story of Joseph and explain how he used his intelligence to solve the difficult problem presented in each incident?

  1. Why is Sodom destroyed? Why are Lot and his family chosen for rescue? Explain how Lot’s behavior during the confrontation with the men of Sodom illustrates the wisdom of God’s saving him.

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