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Short Answer Quiz

  1. In what ways is the story of Creation similar to the one in Genesis? Why do you think there are so many similarities?

  1. Why does Apollo love Daphne? Why does she not love him? How does she escape from him? How does Apollo react to the transformation? How do you feel about the justice of the situation?

  1. Why does Jove turn Io into a heifer? How does Juno respond to Jove’s infidelity? How is the situation finally resolved? What do you think about the way the gods participate in the lives of humans?

  1. How does Jove kidnap Europa? Why does he have to employ a ruse?

  1. How does Proserpina react to her kidnapping? How does Pluto respond to her actions? How is she eventually released? Under what conditions? What natural event does this story represent?

  1. What happens when Iphis, who appears to be male but is really female, is to marry Ianthe? What is the correlation of this story to contemporary gender issues?

  1. Why does Myrrah love Cinyas and become pregnant? What taboos are violated? What is the outcome? If you were Cinyas, what would you have done when you learned the truth?

  1. How does Venus try to protect Adonis? Is she successful? What does she do to honor him and their love? What does it mean to her?

  1. Each of the stories in the @em>Metamorphoses@/em> is about a physical transformation, but that transformation has a significance that transcends the physical aspect. Pick two stories and describe the physical transformation and its significance.

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