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Madame Bovary

Short Answer Quiz

  1. Madame Bovary is often described as an example of "realism" in literature. In what specific ways is it "realistic"? 

  1. How is the novel a social commentary on bourgeois life? What is Flaubert’s attitude toward the bourgeois? 

  1. In the novel, what roles do women play in society compared to the men? Does the novel make a statement about the restricted power of women in nineteenth-century European culture?

  1. Explain how Emma Bovary’s financial difficulties parallel her growing moral decline.

  1. What kinds of books does Emma prefer? What does her preference say about her character?

  1. Several key secondary characters contribute to the reader’s understanding of the characters of Charles and Emma Bovary. Describe Homais, Justin, and the beggar in terms of their contributions to themes in the novel.

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