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Gulliver’s Travels

Short Answer Quiz

  1. How does the "Letter from Captain Gulliver to His Cousin Sympson" contribute to the illusion that the entire narrative is true and historical?  Where else in Book IV does Gulliver comment upon truth and falsehood?

  1. What is Gulliver’s reaction to the Yahoos when he first sees them?  What is the irony in his reaction? 

  1. During his stay with the Houyhnhnms, Gulliver describes English culture and customs for his master.  What commentary is Swift making on English society?  On human behavior in general?

  1. What qualities are valued by the Houyhnhnms?  Does Swift describe the Houyhnhnms in ways that create a favorable impression? 

  1. How would you describe Pedro de Mendez?  How does Gulliver compare him to other Yahoos?

  1. How is Gulliver changed when he returns to England after his voyages?

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