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Short Answer Quiz

  1. Today we often say that someone has made a "Faustian bargain." What bargain does Goethe’s Faust make? Knowing what you do about Faust, what might one mean in using this phrase today?

  1. What are the "two souls" that Faust says both reside within him? What psychological conflict results from this duality?

  1. How does Faust change his initial translation of John 1:1 from "In the beginning was the Word"? What are the implications of his various translations?

  1. What does Mephistopheles see as Faust’s greatest flaw? What specific examples support this claim?

  1. How would you characterize Mephistopheles? In what ways is he a multifaceted character?

  1. Although Margarete is responsible for more than one death, does she come across as an evil character? Why might a reader sympathize with her?

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