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The Cherry Orchard

Short Answer Quiz

  1. What is the importance of music and sound to the overall theme and mood of the play?

  1. The cherry orchard itself represents various associations for each of the characters. Discuss what the orchard symbolizes for Mme Ranevskaya, Firs, Lopahin, and Trofimav. Are there other symbols in the play related to similar ideas?

  1. Chekhov insisted that the play was a comedy. In what ways is The Cherry Orchard comical? In what ways is it also tragic?

  1. How would you describe the communication between the characters? Do they seem genuinely to listen to each other? What does The Cherry Orchard suggest about the ability of language to communicate in the modern era?

  1. What historical, social, and economic problems is Chekhov addressing in The Cherry Orchard? How does Chekhov depict Russia at the end of the nineteenth century? How do Trofimov and Lopahin represent opposing values? What values are represented by Gayev, Mme Ranevskaya, and Firs?

  1. The Cherry Orchard refers to a number of secondary characters, some—like Gayev and Charlotta—with quirky behaviors, and others who never appear on stage. Collectively, what impression do these characters contribute to the play? How do their specific behaviors reflect on the ideas expressed by the central characters?

  1. What is the significance of leaving Firs alone on stage at the end of the play? How do his last words mirror ideas expressed earlier in the play?

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