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Short Answer Quiz

  1. Identify Pangloss's essential philosophy. Do the events that befall Candide and his friends support this philosophy? What is Voltaire's attitude toward the philosophy?

  1. The name "Candide" means "unsophisticated" or "naive." Giving examples, explain why this is appropriate or inappropriate to the character of Candide.

  1. How does Voltaire show the brutality and incivility of war in Chapters 1-3?

  1. In Chapter 6-8, what is Voltaire's attitude toward religion and the Inquisition?

  1. What values are symbolized by El Dorado?

  1. Candide's companion, Martin, says he's a "Manichee". What is this? How does Martin's philosophy fare in light of the events of the book?

  1. How do you interpret the conclusion to Candide? What might the cultivation of the garden symbolize?

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