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The Norton Anthology of Western Literature

Welcome to the Student Web Site!

Site Resources Include:

Timelines, images, and a selection of maps that include audio introductions and interactive tools.

Bulleted overviews of all period introductions in The Norton Anthology of Western Literature.

Multiple-choice review quizzes on the introductions. These self-grading quizzes may be emailed to your instructor’s Gradebook or used for your own review.  

Two types of quizzes on some of the most widely taught literary works in The Norton Anthology of Western Literature: Self-grading reading comprehension quizzes and short answer quizzes that encourage critical thinking and analysis.

 Access to The Norton Anthology of World Literature Audio Glossary allows you to hear the proper pronunciation of selected terms.


Instructors now have an easy way to collect students’ online quizzes with the Norton Gradebook without flooding their inboxes with e-mails.

Students can track their online quiz scores by setting up their own Student Gradebook.

Norton Literature Online

Access to Norton Literature Online.  Use the free registration code inside your book to explore the additional resources available on this site.