The Restoration and the Eighteenth Century

Texts Contexts
1660 Samuel Pepys begins his diary 1660 Charles II restored to the throne. Reopening of the theaters
1662 Samuel Butler,Hudibras, part 1 1662 Act of Uniformity requires all
clergy to obey the Church of England. Chartering of the Royal Society
  1664-66 Great Plague of London
  1666 Fire destroys the City of London
1667 John Milton,Paradise Lost  
1668 John Dryden,Essay of Dramatic Poesy 1668 Dryden becomes poet laureate
  1673 Test Act requires all officeholders to swear allegiance to Anglicanism
1678 John Bunyan,Pilgrim's Progress, part 1 1678 The "Popish Plot" inflames anti-Catholic feeling
1681 Dryden,Absalom and Achitophel 1681 Charles II dissolves Parliament
  1685 Death of Charles II. James II, his Catholic brother, takes the throne
1687 Sir Isaac Newton,Principia
1688 Aphra Behn,Oroonoko 1688-89 The Glorious Revolution.
James II exiled and succeeded by his Protestant daughter, Mary, and her husband, William of Orange
1690 John Locke,An Essay Concerning Human Understanding  
1700 William Congreve,The Way of the World.Mary Astell, Some Reflections upon Marriage  
  1702 War of the Spanish Succession begins. Death of William III. Succession of Anne (Protestant daughter of James II)
1704 Jonathan Swift,A Tale of a Tub. Newton,Opticks  
  1707 Act of Union with Scotland
  1710 Tories take power
1711 Alexander Pope,An Essay on
. Joseph Addison and Sir Richard Steele,Spectator(1711-12, 1714)
  1713 Treaty of Utrecht ends War of the Spanish Succession
  1714 Death of Queen Anne. George I (great-grandson of James I) becomes the first Hanoverian king. Tory government replaced by Whigs
1716 Lady Mary Wortley Montagu writes her letters from Turkey (1716-18)  
1717 Pope, The Rape of the Lock (final version)  
1719 Daniel Defoe,Robinson Crusoe  
  1720 South Sea Bubble collapses
  1721 Robert Walpole comes to power
1726 Swift,Gulliver's Travels  
  1727 George I dies. George II succeeds
1728 John Gay,The Beggar's Opera  
1733 Pope,An Essay on Man  
  1737 Licensing Act censors the stage
1740 Samuel Richardson,Pamela  
1742 Henry Fielding,Joseph Andrews 1742 Walpole resigns
1743 Pope,The Dunciad(final version). William Hogarth,Marriage A-la-Mode  
1746 William Collins'sOdes 1746 Charles Edward Stuart's defeat at Culloden ends the last Jacobite rebellion
1747 Richardson,Clarissa  
1749 Fielding,Tom Jones  
1751 Thomas Gray, "Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard" 1751 Robert Clive seizes Arcot, the prelude to English control of India
1755 Samuel Johnson,Dictionary  
  1756 Beginning of Seven Years' War
1759 Johnson,Rasselas. Voltaire,
1759 James Wolfe's capture of Quebec ensures British control of Canada
1760 Laurence Sterne,Tristram Shandy(1760-67) 1760 George III succeeds to the throne
1765 Johnson's edition of Shakespeare  
  1768 Captain James Cook voyages to Australia and New Zealand
1770 Oliver Goldsmith, "The Deserted Village"  
  1775 American Revolution (1775-83). James Watt produces steam engines
1776 Adam Smith,The Wealth of Nations  
1778 Frances Burney,Evelina  
1779 Johnson,Lives of the Poets(1779-81)  
  1780 Gordon Riots in London
1783 George Crabbe,The Village 1783 William Pitt becomes prime
1785 William Cowper,The Task