1. Female workers in South Wales.
  2. The Rights of Women; or, Take Your Choice (July 1869).
  3. Florence Nightingale as "The Lady with the Lamp."
  4. The Royal Family in 1846. Winterhalter.
  5. "Wherever a true wife comes, this home is always round her." Victorian depiction of an idealized wife and mother.
  6. Charlotte Brontë, from the portrait by George Richmond.
  7. David Hill and Robert Adamson, photograph of Lady Elizabeth
    Eastlake (c. 1845)
  8. Cartoon: "The Girl of the Period" (1868).
  9. "Damassé silk and satin evening toilette. This stylish toilette for full-dress occasions has a basque, long apron, and flowing train of Isabelle yellow brocaded satin, with darker golden brown plush laid in pleats beneath the apron front and under the train. The square neck of the basque has a full frill of white point duchesse lace. The sleeves are gracefully caught up inside the arm. A full pleated muslin balayeuse is used in the train instead of a separate trained petticoat. The fringe is of amber beads on crimped silk."
  10. "Evening toilette. This tasteful evening dress is of black Chambéry gauze with gold-colored stripes, made over black silk. The skirt has the new fan train (just introduced by Worth), with a triple pleat in the lower part of the back breadth. The stripes on the front breadth are arranged diagonally. The apron over-skirt is very long and trimmed up the sides to the tournure. Round Josephine waist with square neck — a favorite style for new evening dresses. The trimming is the new appliqué embroidery of silk and chenille on tulle, and represents scarlet, yellow, and black roses. The flowers of the corsage and in the hair are artificial. Belt and long loops of scarlet ribbon. Heavy gold jewelry."
  11. Illustration for Harper's Bazar.
  12. The first women students to be admitted to lectures at the University of Cambridge, photographed at Hitchin, 1869.
  13. Lady's hunting costume and gentleman's shooting suit.
  14. Sporting costumes.
    Fig. a: gown with bolero jacket.
    Fig. b: tailor costume for driving.
    Fig. c: gymnasium suit.
    Fig. d: shirt-waist and tweed skirt.
    Fig. e: outing gown.
    Fig. f: bathing suit.
    Fig. g: mountain costume.
  15. The Coster Girl. Etching from a photograph.
  16. Cheap Clothing. Illustration by John Leech. Punch Magazine (1845).

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