1. Christ leading the Crusaders into battle. From a Late Middle Ages manuscript.
  2. Battle with the Saracens. A depiction of a Crusader and Moslem soldier from the Luttrell Psalter, Folio 82.
  3. Medieval sword.
  4. Medieval armor.
  5. Crusader, late 12th century, showing surcoat and helmet with ventail. British Library MS2.A.XXII, folio 220.
  6. Pope Urban II. From Roman de Godfroi de Bouillon ms.
  7. Graveyard of over 800 Jews murdered in the massacre at Worms.
  8. The Emperor Alexius I portrayed in a mosaic in the church of Santa Sophia, Constantinople.
  9. The World of the Crusaders.
  10. The Caliphate of Bagdad's Standard Bearers.
  11. Crusaders infiltrate the walls of Jerusalem. From William of Tyre's History of Deeds Done Beyond the Sea.
  12. A "siege tower" pushed up against the wall to attack Jerusalem.

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