1. Detail of a 21- x 16-foot tapestry of King Arthur woven about 1385; now in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art at the Cloisters (New York). The tapestry is one of five that survive from a set of tapestries of the Nine Worthies, champions who became the subject of poetry and art during the thirteenth century.
  2. The lady of the castle visits Sir Gawain inside the curtain around his bed.
  3. Yvain rescuing the lion.
  4. Duel between Yvain and Gawain.
  5. Morgan MS 806, fol. 158, Lancelot Riding in the Cart.
  6. Galehaut presides over the First Kiss of Lancelot and Guinevere (left). Lady Malohaut, Senechal, and Laura of Carduel conversing "far from the others, very surprised to be left so alone," unaware of the scene betweeen the lovers.
  7. The Round Table at Winchester Castle.
  8. William Caxton.
  9. A page from the unique Winchester manuscript of Malory's works, discovered in 1934 (NAEL, 1.421 n.1).
  10. King Arthur, from a medieval manuscript.

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